I help ambitious women let go of self-doubt,

trust more in themselves

& have unshakable inner stability

through a female-formulated modality
in 4 weeks


Is this you?

Do you know what’s right but feel stuck in self-doubt?
Seek validation from others and fear judgment?
Is your inner voice telling you you’re not good enough?
Do you admire confident, authentic individuals?

I’ve been there. If you’re here too, I can help you break through.

You may have tried self-development courses, therapy, or hypnosis with some results, but the deep-rooted issues still persist. You still can’t fully trust yourself. You might feel like a failure for not using the tools you’ve learned.

There’s nothing wrong with you – those methods were made by men, for men’s minds. We women process emotions differently.

Creatrix, a female-formulated modality, is fast, pain-free (no need to dive into past traumas), quick and lasts forever! It addresses issues at their root, which often stem from ancestral patterns through epigenetics.

Want to break free from self-doubt and appreciate your amazing qualities?

Have unshakable inner stability and feel safe and strong in any situation?

Feel relieved and finally BE YOU?

Be the role model, influence others, and live what you preach?

Have courage, clarity, will. Trust in yourself and live life with full lungs?

Hey, I’m Darija Orešković, and I’m here to help you trust yourself and gain unshakable inner stability.

Darija during the 5,000km pilgrimage.

Despite following my heart for the past 15 years – when I had my first breakthrough to live life fully – there was still doubt within myself. I left my architectural degree to become a professional photographer in Barcelona. I then traveled the world for 3 years, working on self-development projects. I walked 5,000 km without using any money, giving workshops on “Leave the Fear, Follow Your Heart.” I’ve lived and worked in London, the Netherlands, and Croatia, always exploring personal growth.

These incredible experiences couldn’t remove my inner doubts. I often felt small around successful and inspiring people, questioning my own worth and capabilities. I felt that my work was never good enough to meet high standards. I struggled to take a stand for what I believed in. And I constantly worried, “Do they like me? How do they see me? Will I impress them? Will they be happy to get to know me?” Even though I love connecting heart to heart, these thoughts kept me in my head.

I tried to help myself with inner insecurity for over 20 years, I tried just about every personal and spiritual development course out there. Until I finally found the missing piece – Creatrix. I was so inspired by the results Creatrix® brought in my life that I became a Creatrix® facilitator. Now, my mission is to empower 10,000 women to know they’re good enough and that they can trust themselves fully.

Here are some examples of how Creatrix® changed my life:


I used to overwork myself, rush to help everyone at work to prove my reliability and worth. I was neglecting rest which led me to exhaustion. I was glued to the computer and even a short walk felt impossible. Now, I prioritize self-care and distinguish urgent tasks. I now also recognize my unique contributions and value at work, understanding my skills and intuition are crucial to the team’s success.


I used to walk on eggshells and tried to avoid conflicts. When someone was accusatory towards me, I doubted my own beliefs and sanity. I was confused and lost my sense of self. Now, I feel relaxed, understanding that others’ upset is not my responsibility. I maintain compassion while remaining grounded and strong within. I trust my instincts and I recognize manipulation when it happens. I stand my ground, and remain at peace within myself.


I tried fixing others’ problems, believing I knew best. It drained me and caused anxiety. And they were pushed away. Now, I step back and offer support without imposing my ideas. I respect their journey. This shift has freed me to speak openly and authentically, I can’t tell how relaxed I am – finally after 15 painful years! I understand the importance of timing and readiness in making a difference. Now I’ve found people are naturally drawn to me, open to receiving advice or guidance when they’re ready.


I wanted to make my parents happy by them being proud of me – I wanted them to see how capable and hardworking I am. I would feel bad to rest in front of them, or sleep until late (they’d think I’m lazy). I also allowed my father to yell at me, because I understood he was stressed. I felt like “nothing can hurt me, I am cool and in control of situation”, but really, I felt like garbage because I took all the bad words in. Now I feel much more relaxed. I can finally live my life even when my parents are near me, and I can rest when I want. I set clear boundaries and my father is more respectful of me.

What is Creatrix® and how does it work?


Wondering what people who worked with me say?

Before working with Darija, I was really stuck in my shadows and couldn’t see a way out. Others’ expectations deeply affected me, and I quickly followed what was dictated to me. Even on a subtle level, it was a very profound program. After working with Darija, I began to see more and more potential in myself. I found my passion, which propelled me forward to trust myself more, and to move forward. Now, I feel more whole, ready to express myself fully and to live more authentically. I realized that there’s nothing wrong with me, and since then, it’s been much easier for me… I feel more comfortable with myself, I have more willpower, I express myself more easily in relationships, and I have more creative energy and understanding of internal processes… I highly recommend connecting with oneself, integrating shadow aspects, and life direction.

– Urška Boljtar, Slovenia

Darija has tremendously helped me on my career transition path. After working in technology for 10 years, I decided to step back and take some time off to reconsider my life purpose: “What do I really want to bring to humankind? What is the purpose of my existence on this planet?” Sessions with Darija shifted my perspective from a more masculine-driven approach to more feminine-oriented thinking, acting and leading. I discovered my deeply hidden talents and potential and gain trust and self-assurance to realize my passions.

The Source work was extremely powerful. I have tried many self-development programs in the last years, and I must say that this work gave me a complete reset as it doesn’t focus only on one trauma or pattern, but the approach to blockage-removal is way more “global” in a way. I felt very stuck in many areas of my life; shadow patterns and blockages putting a lot of weight on my self, making me anxious, unable to decide and go further in life, and have good relations with other people. All those things went away immediately after the sessions, and the effect is long-lasting.

I’m very grateful to Darija for appearing in my life at exactly the right moment when I was ready for a change. With her intuitive guidance, knowledgeable inputs, and support, she brought a lifelong transformation into my life. Thank you!

– Ulla, Technology Executive

My goal for joining the sessions with Darija was to better cope with my illness, communicate more easily and effectively with people, and not be so burdened by what others think or expect of me. The program helped me remove obstacles that had been accumulating within me for years, hindering open communication with people and my surroundings.

Before starting the program, I kept a lot of emotions inside and tried to appear “perfect”. It was killing me inside, like I had lost my soul. The program helped me lose the fear of facing myself and my problems, and successfully overcome them. I stopped being ashamed and afraid of my feelings about the situation I found myself in when I got sick.

This led me to work on other areas, such as speaking my mind, making decisions more confidently, listening, and feeling more deeply. Trusting my inner guidance, God. Finding my Soul.

I felt it would be good to try, and I also had a deep sense that Darija was sent to me by a higher power. In short I’d say that it’s an excellent program that enables quick progress in personal growth, which is necessary. You quickly get rid of ties with ancestors that are limiting for us physically and mentally.

– Darja, Slovenia

Are you ready to let go of self-doubt and

trust more in yourself and life?

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The Flow you’ve been blocking…

this is your INNER RIVER, your Life Purpose.

It has its source within you, flows through you

and spreads out into the world.

Let it flow, let it flow…